Kango Studios

Intuitive Mobile Applications

Who We Are

I am a single iOS Engineer that is pursuing a dream to make a living by creating my own ideas into a highly refined iOS application that helps people around the world. Nothing is as satisfying as having complete control over your own idea, and we are creating software that is reshaping the standards of iOS Applications.


Constantly striving to create iOS Applications that FEEL simple to use, but accomplish extremely complex tasks. We strive to make each and every interaction within our apps feel simple, while providing complex solutions to our users.

Skill Set

Specializing in Swift, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, and much much more. I produce high quality iOS (iPhone/iPad) applications with a focus on highly intuitive experience and design.

"Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."

- Steve Jobs

Grade Control

Set Goals - Track Progress - Take Control of Your Grades!

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Why should you download Grade Control?


Clear and beautiful interfaces create an intuitive and easy to use environment.


Use custom grading scales accomidating any user from any nationality, at any college or university.

Goal Grades

Receive goal grades based on a user set target. Know exactly what you need on your next assignment.

Subscription Manager

Never lose track of your bills again!

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Why should you download Subscription Manager?

Track Bills

Manage all of your bills in one convinient interface.

Premade Services

Quickly get started using premade services that are included in the app, or create your own services.

Bill Reminders

Receive push notifications when a bill is due (We will NEVER send you notifications you do not ask for).

Trade - Runescape Portfolio

Mange your Runescape Portfolio, Make Educated Trades!

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Why should you download Trade?

Track Items

Add items to your portfolio to keep a close eye on their prices over time.

Item Details

View detailed item price graphs for the past 180 days including daily price updates.

Item Notifications

Receive notifications when an item reaches a certain price so you can be reminded to buy or sell the item at its most profitable price.

Cash Control

Take Control of Your Cash - Set Savings Goals - Monitor Progress - Meet Savings Goals!

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Why should you download Cash Control?


No accounts needed, no linking your bank accounts, no hassle.

Financial Peace

Create a monthly budget and give yourself a sense of financial peace. Know that you have a plan and stick to it!


View the result of your monthly budget over the year, and see how it will impact your financial future.

Fitness Sync

Transfer your Fitness Data with Ease!

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Why should you download Fitness Sync?


None of your fitness data is stored on servers!

One Place

All of your fitness data in one convinient place, all in the Apple Health app!

Switch to Apple Watch

Perfect if you want to keep your fitness data when you switch to an Apple Watch.